What is Praise Genius?

We're the creative team behind the
Maui Film Festival
and we're now available to help you
manifest your genius project or idea.

Praise Genius is also:
A play on words.
A celebration of creativity.
A think tank with a heart.

And an ever-expanding and progressive
community of brainstormers who
love capturing lightning in a bottle
to create real change not chump change.

We live in a universe of infinite possibilities.
And on a planet with limited resources.

Except for one.
Make that two.

Creativity and the Power of Love.

These forces of nature are the
soul and 'solar power' of Humanity.
Endlessly renewable and always on.

Share the inspiration.
And, Praise Genius. Yours.

We're Here to Help You
Manifest Your Project or Idea.

No Project? No Problem.
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